About Us

Property Owners and Managers


PZRE has been part of the real estate industry since 1998. PZRE is the owner and manager of a wide range of properties from office towers to retail stores, shopping centers and condominiums. Most of its holdings are located in the downtown core of Montreal and its surrounding areas. Its portfolio holds more than 1,500,000 square feet today.

Our tenants are our number one priority. Each property is managed in order to provide our tenants with the best possible service to meet their needs with a goal to build a long-term relationship.

PZRE likes to invest in buildings with a rich history to give them a second life. For this reason, we are very proud to say that our portfolio includes the first building occupied by the Montreal Gazette and one of the first buildings built for Fairbanks Morse.

We are a dynamic company in constant growth and are always looking for new projects and new investments to expand our portfolio.